Running in the mud and other nasty stuff

Nasty swamp

It’s fun to act silly occasionally, and that’s what the Henricus Dauber Dash is all about.  It’s a messy 5-mile race and obstacle course that passes through some of the nastiest swamps around. The race site proclaims, “This is not a race for walkers!” It’s also not for serious racers. The course conditions and crowds are handicaps that no one can avoid. Yet runners flock to the Dash, which closes registration at 1,500 racers.

The 2009 course followed the Citie of Henricus Park lagoon trail, detouring for about ten obstacles. They included several up-and-over hay bale walls, barbed wire crawls (they used string instead, much friendlier), rope-assisted muddy hill climbs, slogs through shoe-sucking marshes with 90+ degree water, and a final wire crawl through a pool of deep mud at the finish.

Someone managed to keep a camera lens clean and posted a Dauber Dash mud run video on YouTube. If you pause at 0:12 you will see me running closest to the camera in the still-clean lavender t-shirt. Slide 8 in this collection was taken after about 1/2 mile and captures me at the front where I’m second from the left, shirt still dry. It didn’t stay clean or dry for long. And it didn’t make it home. The registration site encourages you to wear clothes and shoes you can throw away, and we took their advice.

Enjoy the video highlights and the photos. If this looks like your kind of race, you can sign up for future Dauber Dash races here. It’s sponsored by the Richmond Sports Backers. I’ll be cheering for you!