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 Laurie Phillips Laurie Phillips

Nice to meet you. I am…

A management and IT consultant

I consult on data privacy, compliance, information technology, and management strategy. During my 25 year career, I have left my fingerprints on the world’s largest professional services firms, advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies and financial services corporations in high-stakes, high-value projects.

An author

My 30+ articles have been published in national magazines and journals such as The National Law Journal, ComputerWorld, Network and Legal Economics. I don’t know how many articles I’ve had published online, but it’s a lot. I ghostwrite non-fiction and memoir, and coach aspiring writers from concept through the publication party. I’ve also written less auspicious works including one and a half not-yet-published non-fiction books, a novel, many short stories and a few poems at odd moments.

A social commentator

I’m not dead yet.

My blog, The Dead Company Club, is a social commentary about how cruddy it is when your company fails. It is a never-ending story.

An Adventurer

Glen Helen, CA

My favorite place is “outdoors.” I’m a motorcycle journalist, commando skier, runner, peak-bagging mountain climber, and photographer. I was a motocross crash test dummy – no head injuries – and I write about my most enjoyable rides here.

Check out my business site for more about my professional background. You can contact me here.