What Kind of Motorcycle Should I Buy?

What kind of motorcycle is the best? I have heard many different answers, including:

  • A fast motorcycle
  • A custom motorcycle
  • A sportbike
  • A bike that wheelies
  • A loud motorcycle (I’ll never understand this logic)
  • A super cheap, barely used motorcycle

Wrong! If you actually ride a motorcycle – rather than simply keep it in storage for its next owner – the best motorcycle for you is one that fits.

But what if you haven’t narrowed it down to just one model yet? Or you haven’t sat on the bike you think you want to buy?

No problem. Cycle-ergo.com will show you exactly how a bike will fit. Let me shut up for a minute and illustrate.

suzuki sv650s seat height for short adultBMW motorcycle F650GS low seat height

The first bike is the Suzuki SV650S, a popular and relatively inexpensive street bike. The dual-purpose bike is the BMW F650GS, a teutonic thumper with a price tag that jerks you upright. Both are well known as great motorcycles for smaller riders because they have low seat heights, so they’re on my short list (no pun intended).

I’ve used cycle-ergo.com to show what the rider position will be for a person with my height and inseam. I like to go on long, multi-day bike trips, but I’m not going to make it past Day 1 lunch on the Suzuki. My hands will be numb, my forearms and neck aching, and my lower back whining like a V-twin.┬áThe BMW, on the other hand, is so relaxed a riding position that I won’t stop until one of my rice rocket-riding companions insists.

Besides providing all kinds of useful information, cycle-ergo.com can help you convince your child that he should not get a motorcycle because, despite an affordable price tag, he will look ridiculous on it:

suzuki sv650S doesnt fit a tall rider


So get to cycle-ergo.com BEFORE you buy, and have some fun!

No, this isn’t an ad. I’m not affiliated in any way. In fact, I wish I’d thought of it. It’s an awesome service to the riding fraternity.